e The Charles Lamb Society


Since its establishment in 1935 the CLS has held a series of annual events - lectures, study days, discussion groups, luncheons, and outings – in London. Today, the Society works to continue these traditions by hosting a number of lectures at Swedenborg Hall, and an annual luncheon to celebrate Lamb’s birthday in February. New members are very welcome to join us.

The Charles Lamb Society welcomes all to their meetings. You do not have to be a member to attend, and events, except the lunch and Coleridge conference, are free.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, recent events have taken place online. The talks were recorded, and can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

John Williams, 'Who's Who: Charles Lamb in Conversation with William Wordsworth' (8 May 2021)

Jane Moore, 'Mary and the Men: male tribute writing in the Romantic period' (13 February 2021)

Rohan McWilliam, '"A Pantomime and a Masquerade': The West End in the Age of Charles Lamb' (16 January 2021)

Gregory Dart on editing the Essays of Elia (19 December 2020)



All meetings will take place through Zoom in 2021–22. We will issue tickets, free for members, through Eventbrite: please check the events page at www.charleslambsociety.com for details in the summer.



‘Towards a New Biography of Elia’, 25 Sept, 2pm

Professor Eric G. Wilson (Wake Forest University)



‘In the Theatre of Romantic Eccentricity: John Thelwall’s Covent Garden Childhood’, 23 Oct, please note time difference: 3pm

Professor Judith Thompson (Dalhousie University)



‘“There goes Tom and Jerry”: On a Spree with Pierce Egan’s Life in London’, 20 Nov, 2pm

Dr David Stewart (Northumbria University)



‘Billy Waters and nineteenth-century popular culture’, 22 Jan, 2pm

Dr Mary L. Shannon (Roehampton University)



Charles Lamb Birthday Lecture, 12 Feb, 2pm

Guest of Honour: Professor Duncan Wu (Georgetown University)



‘“Blot Out Gentle-Hearted”: Charles Lamb, S T Coleridge, and the Ridiculous’, 19 March, 2pm

Dr Andrew McInnes (Edge Hill University)



‘“Throw yourself rather, my dear sir, from the Tarpeian Rock”: Writing as a Career in the Romantic Period’, 23 April, 2pm

Dr Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow)



‘From chapbooks to classics: the children’s literature of Charles and Mary Lamb’, 22 May, 2pm

Followed by the CLS AGM

Dr Felicity James (University of Leicester)



None of the officers, committee or members of the Charles Lamb Society and no leader or organiser of any event, visit, walk or programme promoted or organised by the Charles Lamb Society shall be held liable in respect of the death of, or injury, damage or loss to any person or the property of any person which may occur during or arise out of participation in any such event, visit, walk or programme.